Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Not all cosmetic enhancement procedures require plastic surgery. There are a number of popular non-surgical treatments such as facial fillers, also known as collagen, Botox injection treatments, and acne or scar removal. These are very popular procedures to reduce unwanted features on the face and reverse the effects of aging.

Many people, women in particular, desire fuller, plumper looking lips and resort to the injection of facial fillers to produce such an effect. The material is often collagen or restylane and is often used along with other treatments to the facial area such as skin resurfacing. While facial injection is not terribly expensive per treatment, the effects are temporary and must be performed every 6 to 8 months. Over a period of time, the repeat treatment sessions can quickly become very expensive.

Skin resurfacing might sound unpleasant but actually is one of those cosmetic procedures that have limited risks relative to other procedures. It involves a technique similar to sand blasting the top layer of skin off the face. This exposes the fresh, new, scar-free layer of skin underneath. It is also one of the least expensive costing approximately $500 to $800 for the entire treatment which usually consists of five to seven sessions.

Botox injection treatment is performed on patients who want to remove lines in areas of the face. Common areas are the forehead and cheeks to treat laugh lines and crow’s feet that appear with aging. The procedure literally injects botulinum into the area and a single injection is not too expensive at a few hundred dollars. But multiple injections are required to maintain the effect which adds up over time.

A very popular topic is hair removal and the increase in popularity of laser treatment to remove unwanted body hair is evident in both male and female demographics. It is almost pain free and offers near-permanent results. After the initial multiple treatment sessions, a touch up may be required every two years or so making this a procedure that is very cost effective in the long run.